R. Matis Friedman

Neveh alumnus R' Matis Friedman shlit"a is a very successful (bli ayin hora) fifth grade Rebbe at HAFTR elementary school. One of his famous projects is the parsha sheets. Written in a typical Matis punny format, they summarize the parsha including lot's of midrashim and valuable lessons. R. Matis has finally agreed to 'go public' and submit the sheets for posting on the Neveh Zion website. The sheets contain valuable lessons for all ages. Welcome aboard Matis and lot's of Hatzlacha.

Parshas Chayai Sarah
Parshas Vayera
Parshas Lech Lecha
Parshas Noach
Parshas Breishis

Parshas Emor
Lag B'omer
Parshas Kedoshim
Parshas Acharei - Mos
Parshas Metzorah
Parsha Tazria
Parshas Shmini
Parshas Tzav
Parshas Vayikra
Parshas Pekudei
Parshas Vayakhail
Parshas Ki-Tissa
Parshas Tetzaveh
Parshas Terumah
Parshas Mishpatim
Parshas Yitro
Parshas B'shalach

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