In this weeks Parsha, we learn about other Mitzvot we perform in the Bais HaMikdash.


The mitzvah of Haroas Hadeshen consists of removing the ashes of the daily Korban Olah. The purpose of the mitzvah was make the house of Hashem (Mishkan- Beit hamikdash) beautiful.
There was a mitzvah to have 3 fires on the Mizbayach constantly burning. The Kohain would make sure to add enough wood to keep the flame alive. This is very strange, since Hashem brought a fire from heaven to rest on the Mizbayach at all time.
Q- If so, why was it necessary for the Kohain to keep adding wood on???
A- Hashem performs miracles that are disguised in nature. The fire of Hashem miraculously burned for 100 years; The adding of the wood made it appear as if it was natural.
Nature is the mask for the wondrous ways of Hashem. Hashem dictates what should seem “natural” in the world. If you put the seed from your fruit in the ground, it will rot. It then flourishes into a big beautiful fruit tree with hundreds of fruits, each containing many more seeds. This we are used to, therefore we don’t think anything of it. But is this not a miracle??
R’ Chanina Ben Dosa saw his daughter in a sad mood one Friday night. He asked her why she was so sad. She told her saintly father of the mix up she made when she substituted vinegar for oil to light the candles for Shabbos. Rav Chanina said: “He (Hashem) Who has said that oil should burn, shall say that vinegar should burn.” Indeed the lamp burned that whole night, and the next day all the way through to Havdolah.


The fire during the first Bait HaMikdash resembled the shape of a lion. It was brighter than all light. Water could not extinguish it and It produced no smoke.

It is prohibited to bring a Korban with the thought of eating it after its time, or outside its designated place.

A Jew not only does Mitzvot that require an action, but must also try to have the appropriate thought. The Korban Olah (This Korban can be brought up if someone wants to bring something for Hashem) was sacrificed in the same place as the Korban Chatat (a Korban that one brings for committing a sin). This was to avoid embarrassing the person who needed to bring the Korban Chatat. People seeing this person would automatically assume that he was bringing a Korban Olah.
LESSON: Avoid embarrassing people at all costs.


At the table of Rabbi Akiva Eiger sat a simple Jew. This person accidentally knocked over his wine, staining the tablecloth. Immediately, Rabbi Akiva Eiger secretly shook the table until his own glass overturned. He then said, “This table seems to be shaky.” He wanted so much that this Jew wouldn’t be embarrassed spilling wine on the table of the leader of the generation.
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