The Heichal

The Heichal consists of the Ulam, Kodesh and Kodeh Hakodoshim. (We will refer to the Kodesh as the Heichal.) In the Heichal was where the Shulachan, Menorah and the Mizbach Hazahav were placed. Length forty amos, width twenty amos, height forty amos. (In the first Beis Hamikdosh the height was thirty amos.) The Shulchan was on the northern side, two and a half amos away from the wall. The Menorah was in a similar position on the southern side. Both were in the inner half of the Kodesh. The Mizbach Hazav was in the center of the Heichal slightly to the east of the Menorah and Shulchan. A stone with three steps stood next to the menorah. This enabled the Kohen to clean out the empty cups of the Menorah. (Mishnah Tamid 3:9)

The Heichal map on the right is copied from the sefer Chanukas Habayis. The square on the northeastern corner of the Heichal is where the kohen would take dirt from, for sotah water.
The two squares out side the Kodesh Hakodoshim are two stands where the Kohen Gadol would place the blood of either the ox or goat respectively, while sprinkling the other's blood in the Kodesh Hakodoshim.

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