View of the Entire Model
from the Southeastern Corner

View of the Entire Model  from the Southeastern Corner

Parallel to the Southern wall of Har Habayis is the "Royal Stoa". Josephus doesn't spare words in describing the elegance of this structure, despite the fact that the main function of this structure remains unclear. Next to this building (to the left) is a small building in a "basilica" shape. The Mishnah in Sanhedrin mentions that there were three sanhedrins on Har Habayis, one on the gates of Har Habayis, one on the gates of the Azarah, and the top Sanhedrin in the "Lishcas Hagazit". Many diagrams have the one on the gates of Har Habyis, inside the gates near the entrance to the Ezras Nashim. The next sanhedrin is placed in the Ezras Nashim near the Nikanor gate.

The Netziv already points out that if this were true than both of these Sanhedrin's were inside Har Habyais and outside the Azarah. Why would a sanhedrin at the gates of Har Habayis refer to inside the gates, while the one at the gates of the Azarah refer to outside the gates?

In this model the one at the gates to Har Habayis is on the southern side just outside the "Royal Stoa", which was the edge of the original 500 x 500 amos.

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