View of the Entire Model from the East

View of the Entire Model from the East

This picture shows the entire model from the eastern side. You will notice that Rav Koren placed a square wall around the Azarah. Rav Koren's unique idea is that this was the area of the "Cheil". It would be very difficult to explain this idea in a nutshell. It is however clear from various sources that the width of the Cheil was wider than ten amos. Rav Koren also points out that the definition of Cheil is a wall. (The entire explanation can be found in his sefer Chatzros Beis Hashem. (This existence of this "extra" wall is also evident from Josephus.)

Rav Koren is of the opinion that the entire elevated platform currently visible on the Har Habayis is the remains of the Cheil. That is how he chose the course of this wall.

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