The Mesibah

This room seventy three amos long and three amos wide, was called the mesibah. Here was a staircase which led up to the second floor. According to some this was a spiral staircase. According to others this was a long staircase which stretched out the entire length of the room. As mentioned, there are various opinions regarding the height of the Taim. According to some (Rashash), their height reached the height of the ceiling of the Heichal. Accordingly, the Mesibah led to the roof of the Ta段m. One would then proceed along the roofs of the western ta段m, and turn east along the roofs of the southern ta段m. The entrance to the Aliyah (the second story of the Heichal) was on the southern side.

According to other opinions the total height of the ta段m was fifteen amos, plus the ceilings. The mesibah would lead to the top of the taim, which was much lower than the roof of the Heichal, and the floor of the aliyah. According to the Gra"h (Middos 4:5) there was a ladder leading from the rooves of the ta段m to the Aliyah.

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