The Entrance To The Ulam

coin depicting Ulam entrance Ulam entrance The Entrance to the Ulam was forty amos high and twenty amos wide. There were on gates to the Ulam. Instead there was a paroches.

The coin on the left is a coin minted in the days of Bar Kochva, depicting the entrance to the Ulam.

Twelve steps, each half an amoh high, led up to the Ulam, which was six amos higher than the Azarah.

Above the Ulam's entrance were five wooden beams embedded in the wall. The lowest one exceeded the width of the Ulam's entrance one amoh on each side. The one above it exceeded it by an additional amoh on each side. In this manner the top beam was thirty amos long. Each beam was separated from the next one, by a row of stones. (All this is clearly visible in the drawing on the right, copied from the Sefer Chanukas Habayis.)

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