What are .vpy models?
The VRML models were designed with a program made by the Virtus Company called ConceptCad. The program also enables saving these models in .vpy format. These can viewed by means of the Virtus Player. The "Player" (freeware) enables anyone to walk through and enjoy the model without being able to edit it. The file sizes of the .vpy models are very small. (Files which are 600k in VRML are approximately 10K in the .vpy format.) In order to download the Player, please go to http://www.virtus.com/downloads/player.zip. This version is Player 4.0 and is currently available for Win95 only. There is an earlier version (2.6) for Mac. Here is the URL http://www.virtus.com/player/. However I have not tested the new models on this version and therefore cannot guarantee that it'll function properly, or that you'll be able to take full advantage of the Model.

How do I view the .vpy models?
First go the the Virtus company site and download the Virtus Player. Next, follow the links on the main Virtual Beis Hamikdash Page to the files with the .vpy extensions. Your browser should prompt you to download the file. However if this doesn't happen, go to the File menu and click on "save as" in order to download the file. Open the Virtus Player and open the Mikdash file you just downloaded.

What else should i know about the .vpy models?
These models are in peliminary stages. They may not look so nice since I didn't install the textures yet. Be'H they'll be on the way soon.
Look for the small popup menus explaining the various sections of the model. To read more about that section, click the right button of the mouse as you press the ALT key.
I also made "Viewpoints" in the model taking you from place to place, without need to navigate. (Unfortunately the current version of the player doesn't enable you to see the list of viewpoints.) By clicking on Ctrl+ ] and Ctrl+[ you can move up and down the viewpoints.

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