How do I view the VRML models?
You need a VRML plug-in. Netscape 3 and 4 come equipped with such a plug-in. Otherwise you will have to download a plug-in and install it on your browser. I donít really know all the plug-ins available, but the plug-in mentioned to me by the company which made my software is the Cosmo Player which can be found on the Sillicon Graphics site. the URL is http://cosmo.sgi.com/player/ (the Cosmo player comes with Netscape 4).

The VRML models are preliminary versions and are just on a trial basis. They were written in VRML 1.0 specifications and are therefore large size files. Hopefully we shall have newer models ready in the very near future. near future. These will be written with VRML 2.0 specifications which will enable to place links to audio and notes in the model. Unfortunately the size of the files will remain pretty large.

I recommend downloading the model, before viewing it.

Since the VRML models are at early stages, please don't try to follow the links that may be in the model.

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