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Chapter Four

Internal Examinations (b'dikos)

50. What special internal examinations are required of a newly-married woman after her wedding?

When a woman is first married, there are several examinations required by both her and her husband. One of the reasons for these examinations is to ascertain that the woman does not bleed as a result of intercourse. The specific details regarding these examinations are discussed in Chapter 13 Question 219. Also see Question 46.

It should be stressed that these examinations to determine that the woman does not bleed as a result of intercourse apply only to a woman with an Irregular Period. If a woman has a Regular Period, we assume that she is always clean aside from the time when she expects her period.

51. What is the Halachah if a woman ascertains that she does see blood as a result of intercourse?

In such a case, the couple should contact a competent orthodox Rav who will advise them on how to proceed.

52. What should be done if a woman knows she started to bleed during intercourse or if she sees blood right afterwards?

The woman must tell her husband immediately since he may not separate from her in the usual manner. He must wait until his erection is relaxed and then separate from her. The Shulchan Aruch advises that if the man supports his weight upon his hands and feet, this will help relax an erection.

Naturally, this woman is now a Nidah and all the Halachos of Nidah apply.

As mentioned in the previous question, if a woman bleeds during intercourse or right afterwards, a competent Rav should be consulted immediately.

53. Are there any other times when a woman with an Irregular Period has to make internal examinations?

A woman with an Irregular Period is obligated to make internal examinations on the Interval Date (yom haflagah). If she forgets to make these examinations, however, she is still permissible to her husband. It would, however, be advisable to examine herself before having marital relations.

She is also obligated to make internal examinations on the 30th and 31st day which is the Average Cycle (o'na beinonis) and on the same date of the next Hebrew month the Monthly Date. If she forgets any of these examinations, she remains prohibited to her husband until she does make a proper internal examination.

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