Table of Contents

Preface and Introduction
  1. The obligation to live in the succah for seven days
  2. Making a succah under a tree or a roof
  3. Sleeping in the succah
  4. Halachos of one succah built under another
  5. From what materials can the s'chach be made from
  6. Halachos related to the walls of the succah
  7. Succah having more sunshine than shade and other laws relating to s'chach
  8. Prohibitions pertaining to the s'chach
  9. Halachos pertaining to the height of the succah
  10. Succah should not be less than seven by seven tefachim
  11. Succah not constructed explicitly for the mitzvah
  12. Halachos pertaining to an old succah
  13. Halachos pertaining to a borrowed or stolen succah
  14. Succah and decorations being prohibited entire seven days
  15. Halachos of dwelling in succah
  16. Those that are absolved from the mitzvah of succah
  17. Not making the blessing she’hecheyanu upon construction of succah
  18. When first day of Succos in on Shabbos
  19. The order of Kiddish
  20. Halachos of the succah on the seventh day
  21. The succah and its decorations are prohibited the entire eight day
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