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Chapter Seventeen

The blessing of she’hecheyanu is not made on the construction of a succah

1. Is there an obligation to say the blessing of she’hecheyanu on the construction of a succah?

Someone who constructs a succah whether for himself or for someone else does not make the blessing of she’hecheyanu, though in reality if he makes the succah for himself, it is possible to make the blessing. This halachah applies when the succah is made within thirty days of Yom Tov because that time period is considered the proper time to construct the succah. Nevertheless, we rely upon the blessing of she’hecheyanu that is made during Kiddish (Shulchan Aruch section 1, Biur Halachah).

2. Is it only possible to make a blessing on a succah that was newly constructed?

No, the same halachah would apply if the succah was already constructed and he renews something within thirty days. For example where there was already two walls and he adds a third or where he renews the s'chach (M.B. section 3, see before chapter 12).

3. Can someone, constructing a succah for someone else ever make the blessing of she’hecheyanu on it's construction?

No, however, the Biur Halachah brings down that if the owner of the succah is present and he requests the builder to make the blessing for him it would be permitted. The Poskim however, have said that if the owner of the succah can make his own blessing, it is not proper to have someone else say it for him. The blessing of she’hecheyanu is only said on succah and lulov because these are things that are made and obtained each year. A shofer or megilah however, which one keeps for many years, requires no blessing of she’hecheyanu when made. Likewise, Chanukah candles, no blessing is said when they are manufactured, because at that time it is not recognizable that it is being made for a mitzvah (M.B. section 2).

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