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Chapter Twenty-one

The succah and its decorations are prohibited
the entire eighth day

1. Until when does the prohibition of using the succah walls and its decorations apply?

The succah and its decorations, (various types of fruits that are hung for decorative reasons [M.B. section #1] are also prohibited on the eight day of the holiday. This prohibition applies even though he had completed eating in the succah on the seventh day. However we say that the succah and it's decorations are prohibited, since if the opportunity came to eat in the succah during the twilight period at the end of the seventh day he would be required to eat there. As a result, since the succah and its decorations are prohibited during the twilight period, they remain prohibited during the eighth day (Shulchan Aruch section 2, M.B. section 2).

2. Outside of Eretz Yisroel, until when is the succah and its decorations prohibited?

Outside of Eretz Yisroel where Yom Tov is celebrated for two days, the succah and its decorations are also prohibited on the ninth day. If Shabbos falls right after Yom Tov, the custom is not to use the succah and decorations until after Shabbos. However, there are those who are lenient (see M.B. section 3-4).

3. How do we accustom ourselves when departing from the succah for the last time?

Some are accustomed to say "May it be the will of Hashem our God and God of our fathers, that just as we fulfilled the mitzvah and dwelled in this succah, so should we merit next year to dwell in the succah of the skin of the Leviathan" (see preface at beginning of Sefer for further explanation).

4. Is it permitted to remove the chairs and tables from the succah in order to prepare for the last day of Yom Tov?

Outside of Eretz Yisroel where they eat in the succah on Shmini Atzeres, it is prohibited to set them up in the house on Shmini Atzeres for Simchas Torah, for there is a prohibition to prepare from one day of Yom Tov to the next (as the second day of Yom Tov might be a weekday and as a result one would be preparing from Yom Tov to a possible weekday which is prohibited). This prohibition refers to setting up the tables, etc., by placing the upper board upon the legs. However it would be permitted to bring the tablesand chairs into the house, they may even be set up, if they are needed for Shmini Atzeres itself, or in order to keep the house neat.

5. Are there any other examples of the prohibition of preparing from one day to the next?

The Mishnah Berurah brings (M.B. 5) that we do not prepare the beds on Shabbos for the weekday. It is also prohibited to roll the Sefer Torah on Shabbos to the Yom Tov reading. Similarly this would be prohibited to do from one Yom Tov to another.

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