[Rabbi Price has been putting together all his sichot in a book format hoping to publish it Be"h. The following is the preface to the book "Price"less Sichot from Eretz Yisroel".]



"How can I repay Hashem for all His kindness to me? (Hallel-Psalms 116,verse 12).

The "Artscroll Siddur" commentary by Hallel, brings the beautiful explanation of the "Radak" on this verse.

"How I can possibly repay His acts of kindness for they are too numerous to recount."

I truly feel, at this stage of my life, at loss for words to show even a token of my appreciation to Hashem Yisborach, for all that He has done and continues to do for me and my family.

My Rebbi once said over from the Sefer "Chochmo U'Mussar" (Vol II p. 110) from the Alter of Kelem-Rav Simcha Zisel Ziv, Z'tl, another explanation on this possuk.

"Sometimes, a small favor is done and a mere "Thank You" is in order. If a bigger favor is received, then maybe even a present is required. However, there comes a situation when the immensity of the chessed is so great, that there is truly no way to show the required gratitude. Consequently, due to a lack of a way to thank the conveyer of such a chesed, the recepient at least lets the person know many times that he really can never thank him enough. This is what Dovid Hamelech felt. Since he could not properly thank Hashem Yisborach, he asked "How can I repay Hashem?" and he responds that there really is no way but at least I let Hashem know that "all of His chesed is upon me"- meaning that I constantly realize that I can never really thank Him for His chesed and the immensity of His chesed is always upon me.

I also feel that this can relay somewhat my feelings of how incapable I feel when it comes to thanking Hashem Yisborach.

As the Radak said,Hashem's kindness are "too numerous to recount" but at least I can mention His tremendous "Hashgocho Protis"-Divine Supervision. He has literaly taken me by the hand and led me through many difficult situations throughot my life. He has led me to Yeshivos and Rabbeim which have made me into whatever I am today.

Of course I also must thank my Rebbeim who were the "agents" of Hashem in manifesting His goodnes upon me. Out of fear of leaving someone out, and since they are too numerous to mention, I will beseech of them to pardon me for not specifying their names.

Hashem's kindness has reached a great heights by leading me to the wonderful Yeshivah "Neveh Yehoshua-Neveh Zion" in Eretz Yisroel, where for the last 19 years I was given the great privilege to be "Marbitz Torah Borabim"- to spread Torah. The main vehicle of this has been sichotlectures. Boruch Hashem, a few years ago I aquired a computer which gave me the incentive to record my sichot. Eventually, this enabled me to reach the great achievement of having my sichot on the "Internet."

I would like take this opportunity to thank the Hanhala, Rabbeim, and Talmidim of

"Neveh Yehoshua-Neveh Zion"
for giving me the wherewithal to be marbitz Torah, and for being the sounding board for my sichot.

At this point I would like to apologize to all those people who may be sensitive when they see that I have quoted secular sources. I have learned from my Rebbi that the the Rambam says, "Accept the truth from whomever says it." Owing to the fact that alot of the boys that I had to deal with, would not be impressed by the conventional Mussar sources, I had to somehow arouse their interest through unconventional methods. Once I had their attention, then I hoped I could bring in the conventional Mussar Seforim.

Of course, I cannot end this preface without thanking my parents, R' and Mrs. Moishe Dovid Price a"h and my inlaws, Rabbi and Mrs. Yehuda Dovid Bresler, a"h, my brother-inlaw Rav Naftoli Reichman, a"h. May these sichot be to uplift their souls. Yibadlu l'chayim tovim, I want to thank my brothers, brothers-in law, and sisters-in law for their constant financial and moral support.

"Acharon, Acharon Choviv", I want to thank my dear wife Malka Miriam Rochel, upon whom I can truly use the words of Rabbi Akiva, "What is mine(Torah), and yours is (because of ) hers.

I close with the fervent prayer to Hashem Yisborach, that my words bring chizuk and inspiration to all those who need it, and may they give it over to others. As my Rebbi once quoted a sign at an N.C.S.Y.convention, "Don't keep the faith,spread it around". May Hashem help my wife and me to be marbitz Torah and to bring up our children in the right derech. May our sons be Bnei Torah and our daughters should marry Bnei Torah. May they all be yirei shomaim, baalei midos tovos, and learn and do the lessons contained in these words. They should bring true Jewish Nachas to Hashem, to us, and to all of Klall Yisroel.

May we merit the coming of Moshiach,speedily,in our days,Amen.

KI SAVO-15 ELULL, 5756,
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