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If Only I Were Wealthy

If Only I Were Wealthy
1993, 112 pages
Order Code: IW

Money: It has affected the destiny of individuals and whole nations with unparalleled impact. It has brought out the best and worst in mankind. If Only I Were Wealthy is an examination of the unique relationship between man and money, and reveals the true path to lasting wealth.

Softcover: 8.95 US

If Only I Could See the Forest

1993, 96 pages
Order Code: IF

Wisdom: Mankindís greatest asset, and also the most difficult one to attain. And even though we live in an age in which knowledge is abundant, wisdom, nevertheless remains elusive. Why? The answer to this question is crucial for living a fulfilling life, and this third book in the If Only series will help the reader to attain this most valuable and indispensable tool for living.

Softcover: 7.95 US

The Wonderful World of Thirty-Six

1995, 80 pages
Order Code: WT
There is an undercurrent to history that is, for the most part, undetected by the average person. It is a thread of light from which all truth emanates, a light that is known only by those who are sensitive to the higher spiritual reality of creation. It is a light that was hidden by the Creator Himself, on the first day of creation, for the sake of being revealed by those who understand its connection to the number thirty-six, and, for that matter, the holiday of Chanukah. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Thirty-Six - a journey in search of the hidden light of creation.

Softcover: 7.95 US (pocket size)

No Atheists in a Foxhole

1994, 112 pages
Order Code: NA

There are no atheists in a foxhole, they say. This is because when life-threatening crisis occurs, we realize our physical limitations, and turn to God to save our lives - even the atheists and the agnostics. But is praying a religious thing to do, or the human things to do? Atheists shows how within every human being there is an inherent need to pray, so inherent that you donít need a foxhole to know itís true.

Softcover: 8.95 US

Lifeís A Thrill

1994, 32 pages
Order Code: LT

28 concepts you need to know, and remind yourself about daily to make your life more thrilling.

Softcover: 3.95 US

The "Y" Factor

1994, 112 pages
Order Code: YFS (softcover)
Order Code: YFH (hard cover)

Everybody wants the same thing in life: Happiness. Yet, there are at least as many ways to strive toward that goal as there are nations in this world. Is there are an absolute definition of "happiness," and if so, how does the Torah play a role in achieving this sublime goal? This is the subject of The "Y" Factor, which includes a fascinating look at the way we think and it affects our outlook in life.

Softcover: 8.95 US
Hardcover 11.95

If Only I Understood Why

1993, 96 pages
Order Code: IU

Suffering: When it happens to Ďbadí people, we feel justice has been served. When it happens to Ďgoodí people, we question the very purpose of existence. What role, if any, does suffering play in the history of mankind? This second book in the If Only series presents traditional ideas on an age-old topic with a new approach, in search of the meaning behind suffering.

Softcover: 7.95 US

Changes That Last Forever

1994, 96 pages
Order Code: CF

"There I stood again, the same pose, the same words, the same sense of remorse. It was also the same sin I claimed against myself last year on Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), and the year before that, and each year back as far as I can recall. Itís getting to the point where I feel silly asking for forgiveness, knowing full well that next Yom Kippur Iíll probably experience another deja vu. When will I ever change?"
These are familiar words, that are part of a familiar experience. We want to grow, and make changes last, but somehow, we seem to gravitate back to the "old ways". This is a book that will make it clear how to make good changes last forever.

Hardcover: 5.95 US (pocket size)

The Making of a Great Jewish Leader

1994, 144 pages
Order Code: GL

For over three millennia now, the Jewish people have been in waiting for the ultimate leader, to usher in the ultimate conclusion to our long, often painful history. However, what has emerged instead has been either false messiahs, or leaders incapable of finishing the work. The effects on the nation have been dramatic. False messiahs have left despair in their wake. Ineffective leaders have caused much frustration. In the meantime, the ranks of the Jewish nation are being rapidly depleted as a result of intermarriage and wide-scale assimilation. The Making of a Great Jewish Leader discusses many of the issues and traits necessary to develop great leadership. It is an attempt to encourage potential leaders to emerge, and excel, and, perhaps, play a crucial role in helping the Jewish nation fulfill its ultimate destiny.

Hardcover: 12.95 US (pocket size)

Bereishis: A Beginning With No End

1995, 250 pages
Order Code: BB

It is clear that one lifetime would not be enough to make a thorough study of Parashas Bereishis. And the way the rabbis have set the Torah-reading schedule, even those who faithfully fulfill the obligation to personally review the parsha weekly, receive less time to read and prepare Bereishis than any other weekly reading. Thus, when it comes to preparing Parashas Bereishis, one finds himself only perusing verses that hold the secrets to the universe ... Nevertheless, when it is all said and done, it is possible to examine in depth this seminal parsha, even without entering into the realm of Jewish mysticism. Even without the help of Kabbalah, even on the level of pshat, Parashas Bereishis is a book unto itself. There is plenty of room and need for a verse-by-verse examination of the early words of the Torah. A foundation is a foundation on every level, and though Bereishis is a "beginning without an end," in the end one must begin somewhere.

Softcover: 14.95 US (pocket size)

The Unbroken Chain of Jewish Tradition

A Brief Visual Overview of the History of the Jewish People
First Publication: 1986
Order Code: UC

This manual consists of 4 four-color posters (11" x 17") that display four different aspects of Jewish history. The first timeline is also available in a larger poster size suitable for framing.

Manual: 12.00 US
Large Poster 7.00

If Only I Could Stay

1993, 96 pages
Order Code: IS

Israel: Some canít wait to live there. Some canít wait to leave there. Some donít want to consider either option. Yet, Israel is supposed to be the home for all Jews. What is the basis of the dichotomy, and what does it take to resolve it and make Israel the land that all Jews love? This fourth book in the If Only series explores this issue and turns up an interesting answer.

Softcover: 7.95 US

If Only Great Was Greater

1993, 96 pages
Order Code: IG

Relationships: Some seem doomed from the start - some seem to last forever. Are relationships a lost art, or are they simply a by-product of life? And what makes a marriage last forever? This firth and last book in the If Only series explores this crucial issue of daily life and reveals insights often overlooked, insights which are central to building meaningful and lasting relationships.

Softcover: 7.95 US

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