Life’s a thrill, isn’t it? Every morning you jump out of bed, anxious to start another day. And that was after only four hours of sleep. In fact, you only went to bed because you wanted to make sure you were wide awake for the next day’s work. But you certainly didn’t want to go to sleep - you wished you could stay up the whole night.

Does this sound like your life? Does it sound like the life of anyone you know? Is it possible for a person to be so "up" all the time, and not get burned out? Is life really that thrilling?

From time to time all of us experience special moments, times when we feel so happy and energized we believe we can accomplish anything. When we’re positive, we feel energized, motivated to do dramatic things for ourselves and the world around us. When we’re happy, we feel in a position to change the world. Then the feeling fades and we go back to our mundane existence, waiting for “it” to happen again.

Most of us assume that those "highs" are not the stuff of life. We believe in our hearts and minds that fantastic moments are anomalies, and we wait for them to occur rather than make them happen.

Wouldn’t it be great if instead of waiting for the thrills to happen, you could go out and create them for yourself? Those special moments exist inside of you - all the time. The thrill of life is not outside of you - it’s inside of you, and you have to bring it out. Take control. Discover your potential. Once you do, you’ll never be the same again.

You’ll fight to stay awake at night, and glide out of bed each morning. You’ll be eager to take advantage of your day. People will love to be around you, and you’ll love to be around people. You’ll accomplish the impossible, and you’ll inspire others to accomplish it as well.

How? What’s the secret to creating such an attitude towards life? The following pages provide insight into the secret of living a thrilling life. But a word of caution before beginning: reading this book will make living a mundane life unacceptable!

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