Concepts - Part Two


Common sense? No question about it. As human beings, we possess intuition, inner knowledge that has yet to be articulated. We all possess the information and the answers to lifeís profoundest questions.

However, history keeps proving that the simplest ideas are often the most overlooked ones, and every once in a while we have to be reminded about what weíre capable of achieving, and the abilities we have to achieve it.

Somewhere along the line, society became dependent upon external circumstances to create a sense of existence. At some point in modern history, liberation of the body led to entrapment of the spirit.

Letís stop looking out, and start looking inside ourselves. Letís discover that we are great, that we are unique. Itís time to wake up and realize that every moment is a crisis, slipping away. Quick, jump in and live while you can!

Remember, the opposite of pain is not pleasure, itís comfort. Pleasure is the result of effort, of solid work. "Nothing comes for free... you get what you pay for; everyone has to pay the piper." Whatever. However you want to say it, it all means the same thing: the thrill of your life grows from within you.

Sounds like an exhausting lifestyle? Perhaps it is. But it is far better to be tired and tickled, then to be well-rested and mundane. Thatís life. Thatís the thrill of life.

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