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It is difficult to write a conclusion for this book, especially after having just received the news about the tragic death of a young man I personally knew. Hearing about his death, and thinking about what his parents must be going through, made this book seem overly academic.

Tragedy and suffering are real, extremely serious and very painful. Ideas and understanding do not always make the pain bearable, and even our greatest sages felt this way:

Rabbi Chiyah, the son of Abba became ill, and Rabbi Yochanan went to visit him. ‘Do you accept your sufferings?’ He said to him, ‘Neither they nor their reward.’
Talmud Brochos 5b
At some point though, time will do what no human or idea can, and the pain will pass. It is then that the sufferer will need to be able to put the events into perspective, to be able to go on with life in a positive way. Perhaps the ideas in this book and the many like it will facilitate such a perspective, and stimulate positive growth.

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