Chapter One


The world is made up of billions of people. These billions of people are divided into over a hundred countries, each with its own background and history. The populations of these countries may often be divided based upon different religious beliefs.

What is most amazing though is that, in spite of all of our differences, we share a common goal: happiness. In fact, the only thing that really makes us different from one another is the route we take to be happy. If you wanted to represent this idea in a simple mathematical formula, it could be expressed as:

Human Being + "Y" = Happiness,

where "y" represents the direction in life a person might take to become happy.

According to the above equation, the only variable is THE "Y" FACTOR. It is a given that we are all human beings, and that all human beings, in general, want to be happy.

But in a simple equation with only one variable, the variable is easy to find and always the same. For example, when 2 + y = 7, then "y" will always be equal to 5, whether to an American, a Russian, or a Japanese.

But "y" is not the same for everyone; the fact that conflicts have existed in so many places around the world throughout history makes this apparent. This would seem to indicate that the equation of life is made up of more than one variable. Perhaps, then, the definition of happiness is not universal.

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